Our Red Wines

Rosato Secco (Dry Rosé)
Light and refreshing on the palate with flavors of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. Round and powerful, with lingering aromatic character. Pair with steamed or grilled lobster, meaty fish like salmon and grouper, and even grilled white meat like chicken or pork. 13.5% ABV. $16.00

Blood Orange Sangria <SOLD OUT>
This luscious blood orange sangria is perfect for days on the deck, the boat or the beach! Featuring citrusy notes of juicy blood orange with sweet hints of peach, this wine has distinct and delectable undertones of apple that make it perfect for summer, or any occasion! 10% ABV. $15.00

Montepulciano <SOLD OUT>
This Italian classic is a complex light-bodied wine with blackberry fruit flavors, soft peppery tones and nuances of spice all wrapped up in a velvety texture. It is smooth and mellow yet robust and mouth filling. Serve it with beef brisket, meatloaf, barbecue, and hamburgers as well as with any tomato sauce dish. 13% ABV. $15.00

Diablo Rojo <SOLD OUT>
Dark purple in color with a nose of black cherry, blueberry and smoky notes. The finish is long and fruit-filled, with the perfect amount of toasty oak. This slightly off-dry Merlot is perfect for enjoying with pasta or pizza and excellent all on its own. 13.4% ABV. $16.00

Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc has food-friendly flavors of cherries and blackberries combined with toasty nutmeg and vanilla spices. On the palate, it unveils a round mouth feel with smooth tannins. Pairs well with steak, charcuterie, sausages, or roasted chicken. 13.2% ABV. $16.00

Super-T <SOLD OUT>
A classic blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. A medium body fruity yet earthy wine. Enjoy the hints of cherry and plum, a smooth mouthfeel, a dry finish, and the signature ruby red color typical of this blend. Great with slow-cooked beef and pork or aged cheese. 13.8% ABV. $17.50

Highway 29 Red
A modern, new world style wine featuring a blend of California Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Zinfandel. Aromas of vanilla, red berries and black cherries and sweet flavors of ripe raspberry, chocolate and cherry. Pairs well with steak, a summer barbeque, or red sauce pasta. 14% ABV. $16.00

Zinfandel <SOLD OUT>
Our Zinfandel is smooth and full bodied with smoky aromas, dark berry flavors, and nuanced oak and spice. It is rich, fruity and bold with a lingering finish. Pairs well with ribs, grilled chicken, roast lamb, pulled pork, blackened salmon, bacon-wrapped tenderloin, and burgers. 14% ABV. $16.50

Pinot Noir
Our Pinot Noir is fruit-driven with aromas of sweet strawberry and raspberry, along with understated earthy notes and an elegant finish. A dry red wine with a medium body matched by a medium oak character. It is light enough for salmon or chicken, but complex enough to complement richer red or game meats. 14.2% ABV. $16.50

Malbec <SOLD OUT>
A brilliant bouquet of dark fruits with subtle hints of oak, vanilla, and spices. Strong plum and berry flavors balanced by moderate tannins on the palate. This full-bodied wine is perfect with lean red meat, pork, or dark meat poultry. Also great with pasta and spicy sausage or BBQ chicken. 14.5% ABV. $17.50

Rubino Forte Dessert WinE <SOLD OUT>
This full-bodied fortified dessert wine is bursting with flavor. One taste and it reveals its multidimensional complexity, ripe black cherries with hints of chocolate and dark roasted coffee. Enjoy after a fine meal or as a nightcap. 19% ABV. $22.00 (500 mL)